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Translation Rates

To some extent, my translation rates depend on the type of text and the intended audience. An article for publication in a glossy magazine, for example, requires more polishing than a technical document that will be read once by two software developers, although the latter also has to be accurate, of course. I generally use a line rate* and base my price on the source line count (that is, the number of lines in the original German text). Additional formatting, for example in slide presentations, is billed by the hour.

Editing Rate

Because the quality of texts for editing varies so much, I bill these jobs by the hour. But be warned: In some cases, editing may involve more work than translation. If the English is at times incomprehensible – and if your text is aimed at a wide or important readership – I recommend that you write your text in German and then have it translated. This ensures that you will be happy with the end result and it will make the impact intended.

Please note that I do not provide an editing service for machine-translated texts.

Line and Hourly Rates

The rates listed below give you an idea of how much you might end up spending.

*A standard line comprises 55 characters including spaces.


For a non-binding quotation, feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail. When e-mailing me, please attach your text to be translated or edited, preferably in an editable format such as Word. Please also state the deadline by which you require the translated or edited text.
All correspondence will, of course, be treated confidentially.