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Translation Service


Thanks to my excellent command of the German language combined with a skill for writing in English, extensive specialist knowledge and cultural awareness of the English-speaking and German-speaking worlds, I can create accurate translations that read like original texts. I work quickly and accurately, and commit to deadlines without compromising on quality. I translate from German into British or American English. Most of my customers commission translations for publication to a wide audience.


I can edit texts written by non-native speakers of English. However, it may be cheaper (and less painful for all concerned) for you to write your text in German and have it translated. For details, please refer to my section on rates.

Subject Areas

I specialise in:

I do not usually translate texts that are not within my subject areas (unless they are very general) but I am happy to help you find a suitable translation partner. Alternatively, you could take a look at the BDÜ database of translators and interpreters.

Translation Technology and Supported Text Formats

For most of my translation work, I use Trados translation memory technology to ensure efficiency and consistency. I can work with many file formats, including Word, RTF, PowerPoint and Excel.